Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making My Own Set Of Humbuckers

These pups are ready for a wax bath.

Today, I spent a few hours making a set of humbucker pickups for one of my guitar builds. The bridge pup was wound hot with 44 AWG wire. Resistance measured at just over 15 Ohms. The magnet I used is an Alnico V, which I magnetized myself and degaussed to around 630 on the gauss meter. The result should be fairly loud with wide ranging tone that emphasizes the treble side of the spectrum.

The neck pup was wound with 42 AWG wire with resistance just under 8 Ohms. The magnet is an Alnico II degaussed to around 580 on the gauss meter. The tone for this one should be very warm and full-bodied.

If I have time tomorrow, I hope to install the pups and wire them up. Stay tuned!

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