Wednesday, December 14, 2011

eGuitar Plan's Daily Diary 12/14/11

Today I sanded the radius onto two fretboards. Then, I glued them into place on their respective necks. One will be for a Highline Envirocaster Single Cut and the other will find a home on a Highline Envirocaster Double Cut. Check out the progress photos:

I used a 12" radius sanding block with 60 grit sandpaper to form the initial radius. Then I switched to 80, 150 and finally 220 grit to get it ready for the frets.

After installing the truss rod (with a bead of bathtub caulk along its length to prevent buzz), I glued on the fretboard.

Notice the glue squeeze out? When it dries, I'll knock off the glue with a chisel. I never wipe off excess glue. That causes the glue to soak into the wood, which prevents the wood from absorbing the finish.

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