Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now here's an idea...

I'm thinking of redesigning the eGuitar Plans web site next year. One of my ideas is to archive all of my current plans and create a new feature which would allow you to tailor a guitar design to your own specs. You'd be able to choose from a dozen or so body styles, scale length, bridge type, headstock shape and pickup and control configurations. It's still early in the development phase so I'm not exactly sure how it would play out.


  1. Hi Chris.
    It's a great idea.

    I was just about to ask you if is possible (i.e. easy) to buy a neckrofeliac plan but build a bolt on neck instead of a neck-through.

    I'm still in the planning phase to build my first guitar. Many many doubts ...

    By the way, congratulations for the beautiful guitars and for the website.


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