Monday, December 27, 2010

Electric Guitar Building Update

Now that the Christmas holiday is behind me, I'm back to building my guitars. The Highline Legato is currently resting a few days so the lacquer top coat can cure before I wet sand and buff it out. Hopefully this coming weekend, I'll be able to polish the neck and body so I can put the two together. In the meantime, I've started work on another Highline electric guitar design which will be a single cut with a set-in neck. Here's a shot of the work so far:
There's no substitute for a sweet piece of Honduran Mahogany when it comes to making a guitar neck!
Tomorrow, I'll be getting a 2-1/4" thick, 35" long, 7" wide slab of Honduran Mahogany for the body. My plan is to plane down the thickness and add a figured Maple top, but that will depend on how the grain looks on the Mahogany after I cut the slab in half and glue the two pieces together. If the grain fails to inspire me, I'll start shopping for a nice bookmatched set of flamed Maple boards. Stay tuned!


  1. Chris,

    What is the best way to cut the scarf joint? I don't have a good enough bandsaw to cut it like you did in the video. Would this be a better way to build the necks for a Hooligan or a Caractacus?


  2. Before I had my bandsaw, I used a regular old handsaw to cut the joint. It takes more effort, but it's doable.

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