Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Super Easy Series of Electric Guitar Plans

I'm working on a new idea for a series of plans that will simplify the guitar construction process by utilizing a Stratocaster style replacement neck. The idea is based on the reality that many potential builders want to make their own electric guitar, don't have the skills or specialized tools necessary to make their own neck and fretboard.

What I have in mind is to offer two cool looking body shapes; a single cut and a double cut. After you decide on the shape, you'll select either a hardtail bridge, a standard tremolo or a Floyd Rose® tremolo configuration. Finally, you'll choose either two humbuckers, three single coils or two P90s to satisfy the pickup arrangement for your guitar.

After you finish making the body, all you'll have to do is purchase a Stratocaster style replacement neck, bolt it on, add your components and you'll be ready to ROCK! With so many Strat style replacement necks on the market, including unfinished paddle headstock models, there should be no reason why you can't build the guitar of your dreams with nothing more exotic than a jigsaw and a router.

Below is a screen shot of the two body shapes I plan on offering. Please let me know what you think as your opinions are what inspires me!


  1. Hey Chris,
    I love the concept. but the two guitar models you've chosen seem a little (for lack of a better term) "a-typical" I think people would be a lot more excited if you offered one of your more cool looking body styles (I.e. the Visigoth,Neckromancer,or perhaps Legato styles.) the standard Les Paul and Stratocaster body styles have templates all over the net. I think what makes your particular guitars And concept special is your innovative designs. It would be awesome for those lacking the specialized skills and equipment to still have a crack at some of those designs. Just my thought but hope it helps.
    God Bless Brother,

  2. I think your right. I posted this as a way to test my theory that most people who purchase my plans want a unique design as opposed to the typical run-of-the-mill Strat/Tele/Les Paul.

  3. I agree one of your styles or another new style would be awesome. I've been thinking of taking the Caractacus and doing the same thing. I've got a neck already and need to figure out the pocket.

    I think this is a great idea. Making the neck is the one area I'm a little sketchy on and this would be great option.