Friday, October 21, 2011

Guitar Build Update: The Envirocaster's Pickups

I finished a set of P90s for the Envirocaster. The bobbins and 
baseplate are Birdseye Maple left over from making the neck. 
Each pickup has 8,000 turns of 43 AWG wire, which produces 
just over 9k Ohms of DC resistance. Originally, I had planned 
on potting the pickups with water-based lacquer brushed on 
the coils every 1,000 turns, but I decided to leave them alone. 
If they squeal, I can always go back and pot them later. The 
magnets used in each pup are Alnico V. 
Can't wait to hear them.


  1. Cool. Will look forward to hear how they sound. If you did not seal the wood bobbins, may want to pot pups now as shrinking of wood will cause rattle and swelling strain the wires closest to spools.

  2. Took your recommendation and went ahead with potting. Glad I did. I was afraid that since I used wood glue to assemble the bobbin pieces, my work would come undone in the wax bath. I took a chance and it seems to have workout fine. I had forgot the adjustable pole screws hold it all together.