Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guitar Build Update: Finishing The Envirocaster Part 2

I use an Iwata dual-action, gravity-fed airbrush to spray color on my
guitars. In this case, I used thinned water-based acrylic enamel I
picked up from a local craft store. Since it's water-based, there's
no toxic odor and you don't have to use dangerous solvents to
clean up with. I'll never use nitrocellulose again!

I'm digging the color. After I finish spraying the back, I'll spray a
coat of clear water-based lacquer to seal the color.
Then, I'll start the topcoat process
In part 3, I show you how I get a nice glossy topcoat that is more durable than nitrocellulose. And, it's easy on the lungs and environment. Stay tuned!

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  1. How do you compare water based lacquer to shellac or poly?