Friday, March 30, 2012

Not Another Jig!!!!

Yep, I have built yet another jig for building my guitars. Actually, it's another Scheltema Neck Contour jig. This is my third attempt at building one of these nifty jigs. The first two worked, but they were a bit sloppy. I took everything I had learned while building the first two and incorporated  this knowledge into what I am confidant will be the final jig. My initial test (I used a slab of Pine for the neck blank) was exactly what I had hoped for. Check it out:

I call it the Scheltema Neck Contour Jig v3.0.

The resulting contour is so smooth, I will only need to sand from 150 grit to 220 to finish.


  1. Very, very cool!

    We can make composite radius too!

  2. Can you elaborate on what improvements you made over the original design?