Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Progress On My Tom Delonge Stratocaster Copy

Check out the Highline logo I "inlayed" on the headstock. First I transferred the design to the headstock. Next I used my flex shaft tool and a tiny engraving bit to carve out the logo. Then I filled the area with some slow setting epoxy mixed with the same Surf Green lacquer I used to paint the body. After the epoxy had dried, I sanded away the excess and outlined the letters with black paint. Now I have to wait for the Seymour Duncan Invader pickup to arrive so I can finish this baby off. Should make a nice graduation gift for my son!


  1. where did you get the neck or did you build it as well?

  2. I bought it from Guitar Fetish. I wanted to check it out while designing my Super Easy Series plans. I'm thinking of doing a video showing a step-by-step build using one of these necks. They are cheap and are of decent quality, although I'll probably swap the plastic nut for bone.

  3. Awesome. I would love to see that. The necks are what are killing me on the builds. I don't have all the tools yet and don't really have the time or money to buy everything to do it correctly, eventually I will though. I'm thinking of starting a strat build. Mahogany body, spalted maple cap and two Coil tapped HB on top probably string through. Got the wood just need to resaw it and figure out how to know what depth to cut the neck pocket.

  4. Here's the formula I use for calculating the neck pocket depth: X-Y=Z

    X is the thickness of the heel excluding the fretboard.

    Y is the thickness of your pickguard.

    Z is the depth you need to cut the pocket.

    For example, if the heel is 1" thick and the pickguard is .125" thick, the pocket will need to be .875" or 7/8" deep.

  5. Sweet thanks... That's simple.. I will not have a pick guard on this particular strat so I will just measure the neck thickness excluding the fretboard. Easy enough...

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